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1) How does C E BROKER factor into my License Renewal?

C E Broker serves as an electronic tracking system for the Florida Division of Medical Quality Assurance.

2) Do I have to pay to have my completed courses tracked by C E Broker?

No. Once the courses are completed as required, the Provider is responsible to report them to C E Broker. However, you can set up an account with C E Broker to track your account if you so desire.

3) When I complete my courses as home study, do I have to forward the Certificate to C E Broker?

No. The Provider is required to report on your behalf. However, if you obtained your credits from a National Organization, you are responsible for reporting.

4) What if I don’t have the required number of credits at renewal time?

Your License goes into delinquent status and it may cost you extra to have it renewed.

5) How do I get my License from delinquent to active status?

Complete the required CEUs, plus additional fees may apply.

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